Dr. Dumas



BIO-film has been recognized nationally and internationally. Among the awards received are: ”Gold Medal” of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) in Geneva, Switzerland (1,986), as the best invention of the year.


1What kind of injuries can be treated with the product?
The product can treat variety of injuries, including: diabetic foot ulcers, vascular insufficiency ulcers, pressure sores, sites with necrosis, soft tissue infections, partial thickness burns, lacerations and any tissue loss.
2How does Bio-film in wound healing?
Basically with the stimulus to the formation of new blood vessels in the wound bed, which increases the oxygen reaching the site, which in turn actively promotes the formation of healthy granulation tissue.
3Is it necessary debridement of the wound?
Debridement is of great value regarding the removal of necrotic and infected tissue removed dead tissue from the wound. After Bio-film is applied to help eliminate bacteria and the wound progress toward healing.
4How long to cure a wound with the use of Bio-film?
There is no definitive answer regarding the time to heal the wound. Please note that certain diseases, diabetes, circulatory insufficiency in extremities of venous or arterial origin, make the wounds heal more slowly. Bio-film provides the benefit of an accelerated healing.
5What is the time of use of the product in the wound?
Biofilm can be kept in the lesions for 5 to 7 days, depending on the nature of the wound and the level of exudate. Infected wounds in the product should be changed more often (daily or every 2 days). For example, in the case of infections with Pseudomonas aureginosa healing change must be performed daily. Remember that antibiotics should be used simultaneously to control this infection.
6How should heal the wound by using Bio-film?
It is recommended to do so gently, without traumatizing or rub the area using normal saline and keeping the wound moist. Then put Bio-film can be done in two ways:
  • Place the dressing over the wound total slightly surpassing the edges.
  • Fragmenting Bio-film and place in a sterile syringe and then fill the cavities that often exist in some wounds.
Then cover with polyethylene mesh as secondary coverage and then elastic tubular mesh or gauze as final cover.
7Can you use the product in people with diabetes or infected wounds?
Either can be used. In diabetics it is important to maintain proper levels of blood sugar and appropriate treatments for infected wounds should search for the causative agent by culture in the laboratory and institute appropriate treatment according to the sensitivity Germ.
8Can you introduce some reaction with the use of Bio-film?
Sometimes reported transient burning at the site of the lesion, after conducting the application of bio-film and not be a cause for removal. This symptom can be reduced when using oral analgesics before beginning to healing and during the procedure.