Our passion for scientific exploration with rigorous methods and a continued focus on the needs of physicians, nurses, and patients have led to the development of market-leading technologies.



We are a company focused on providing practical solutions to people experiencing any type of skin lesions, burns, ulcers or tissue loss of any nature.


Being the main alternative for the treatment and management of skin wounds, offering the best
products and the best service.

Advanced Wound Healing


At The Vanguard In The Care Of Wounds That Are Difficult To Healing

Our Regenerative Medicine Company focused on Skin Repair and Regeneration Therapies,has perfected new and innovative medical devices for the replacement, repair, restoration or regeneration of skin tissue in a wide range of procedures in General Surgery, Plastic Surgery and Wound Care.




Modern Recognition of the importance of Extracellular Matrix has led to the development of products that stimulate or replace this important tissue space and improve strategies to overcome the problems of injuries in the scheme T.I.M.E. with products that respond to the proposals of the Advisory Board of the EWMA (European Wound Management Association).